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Exploring Medan

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The city has more to offer than the love-it-or-leave-it Durian. See the sights, heritage and wonders.

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♦ Medan Post Office
Built during the Dutch East Indies colonial time, it reminds one of a bird cage, an homage to pigeons which in the past used to deliver letters.

♦ Tjong A Fie Mansion
A mansion built by a wealthy merchant for his wife, adapting the influences of Chinese, Malay and Art Deco in its architecture.

♦ Pagaruyung
A hawker street filled with all sorts of culinary treats. Don’t miss out on the Indian food.

♦ Church of Santa Maria Annai Velangkani
Designed by James Bharataputra and Johannes Tarigan, the church was initially built for India-born Catholics, which explains why it looks like a Hindu temple.

♦ Maimoon Palace
The royal house for the Sultanate of Deli which features an ornate inauguration throne, photos of the families and antique furniture among others in the only area open for public, the main room.

♦ Great Mosque of Medan
The octagonal-shaped mosque was built as part of the Maimoon Palace complex. Its construction used building materials imported from Italy, France, Germany and China.

Maya Vihara Maitreya
 The biggest Vihara (Buddhist monastery) in Medan.


Photos by Kiky, Cita Arsita Farani, Aditya Purwanto