ImpressionArtVico Magistretti: A Travelling Archive

Vico Magistretti: A Travelling Archive

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Stepping into the world of a legendary mind.

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Celebrating a great Milanese architect and designer, the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute Jakarta takes an in-depth look at his works in “Vico Magistretti: A Travelling Archive”. During his lifetime, Magistretti received some of the most important awards in the field of design, including the Compasso d’Oro three times and First Prize in the Triennale of Milan. The exhibition highlights Magistretti’s creativity and his work with prominent Italian design companies such as Artemide, De Padova, Flou, Oluce, Schiffini and Cassina.

The Institute recreates the studio of Magistretti in Milan, a room that overlooks one of Milan’s piazzas and the place where he worked during his entire career. The walls are covered by pin boards full of samples of his favorite paper materials, sketches drawn on newspaper pages, drawings made by his grandchildren, correspondence with friends and colleagues, notes, faxes and family photographs.

There are also some of his most iconic creations, such as the Eclisse, Dalù and Atollo lamps, Rossa bookcase and Cinqueterre kitchen. A series of videos, including a 40-minutes interview where Magistretti explains his theory on design, and two videos from Stefano Boeri and Patricia Urquiola about their opinions on Magistretti, allow visitors to gain further insight into his brilliant mind.

The exhibition is open to the public in Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Jakarta until 7 October 2016, before being relocated to the Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD) until 11 November 2016 in Grand Kemang Hotel, Jakarta.

Photos by Kiky