NewsKempinski to Celebrate Indonesia’s Street-Food Scene

Kempinski to Celebrate Indonesia’s Street-Food Scene

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Hotel Indonesia Kempinski will hold a street-food festival from 11 to 31 August at its Signatures restaurant, inviting Jakarta’s most popular vendors to come to the restaurant and work their magic. The festival, held to celebrate the country’s 72nd year of independence, is intended to treat both local and overseas customers to an authentic culinary experience. Asia, and Indonesia in particular, are renowned for street-food vendors who serve up tasty treats often not found in high-class establishments. More than 30 dishes, from bakso to satay to rujak, which are commonly found on the streets of Jakarta, will be curated and presented in a buffet and in food stalls set up at the restaurant and its al fresco terrace. To maintain health and safety standards, the vendors will be required to undertake a medical check-up and will be trained in food preparation hygiene standards before they can join the team at Signatures.
“We know that in Jakarta, street food is king,” said Executive Chef Mathias Olsson. “We only want to serve the most authentic dishes that are familiar to Indonesians’ taste buds so that Jakartans will appreciate them, and so that overseas visitors can have a truly Indonesian experience within the comfort of our hotel.” 
Prices will range from Rp 338,000++ per person for lunch during weekdays to Rp 488,000++ for weekends lunches. Dinners will cost Rp 388,000++ per person from Monday to Thursday.