NewsPancious : “An Intimate Evening with Kunto Aji”

Pancious : “An Intimate Evening with Kunto Aji”

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Presenting the latest menu in October 2017, Pancious held an event called “An Intimate Evening with Kunto Aji”. To celebrate the launch of its new menu, Pancious invited loyal customers, food bloggers, and media, serenaded the guests with beautiful songs by Kunto Aji.

The new menu that was launched this time reflects the passion and creativity of Pancious' kitchen team to always provide the best for the customer. Pancious is known for consistently providing new menus every semester, while maintaining favorite menus so that customers always get a refreshing dynamic in every visit to Pancious. 

There are 5 latest food menu offered at the restaurant, such as ; Spinach Ricotta Crapelles, Chicken Marinara Crespelle, Prawn & Spinach Pasta, Hot Clams Pesto Pasta and Beef Striploin Risotto, meanwhile, Le Dame Rose, Rosemary Go Round and Green Monsieur are available as their latest beverage menu.