NewsStarting Off the Festive Season with ACG's International Day

Starting Off the Festive Season with ACG’s International Day

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ACG welcomed the beginning of the festive season by its own International Day. The event which was arranged on 8 December 2017 by the school and Parents Association for their own beloved children was meant so the students are able to experience a slice of the world while being in the save environment of their school while embracing what it means to be a part of the society with all of its diversity.

The event kicked off in the morning with a flag parade and ceremony, followed by cultural exhibitions, a free snack and trinkets bazaar joined by 12 booths which was run by the parents representing 12 countries namely Indonesia, Malaysia, India, South Korea, United Kingdom, Pakistan, USA, Japan, Australia, Morocco, New Zealand and Uzbekistan. It was as if the world shrunk into this international school which has children from 42 different nationals study and blossom to be great people in the future.