NewsTHE 1O1 Jakarta Sedayu Darmawangsa Presents "Kuliner Mbee"

THE 1O1 Jakarta Sedayu Darmawangsa Presents “Kuliner Mbee”

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THE 1O1 Jakarta Sedayu Darmawangsa jumpstarts the year 2018 by the introduction of special food promotion Kuliner Mbee by Executive Chef Yoel. It better be put into words that “mbee” is the onomatopoeia for the sound that lambs make, similar to the internationally known “meeeh” in reference for the same animal. And thus the stylish name concludes the special menu which consists of five kinds of dishes made from lamb. 

This Kuliner Mbee will be available at Terraza Lounge, 1st floor, THE 1O1 Jakarta Sedayu Darmawangsa for both lunch and dinner time. Five dishes of Kuliner Mbee that are presented from Indonesian authentic menus consist of Sate, Gulai, Tongseng, Sop and Tengkleng.

Sate is grilled meat on skewers which comes with sweet soy sauce infused with chilli and onion chops. Sop is a clear soup with lamb stock base, full of savory flavors and very fulfilling.

Gulai, Tongseng and Tengkleng are almost alike, pieces of lamb meat in thick soup with the difference of parts and seasonings used and coconut milk as the base ingredients for Gulai’s soup. Tengkleng use meat which is still stick to the bones, resulting in a deeper and richer soup.

Fans of the dish also finds extra pleasure in biting those meat off the bones. Each of these special dishes offered only Rp. 78.910,-net per portion.