NewsLaunching of Wardah Inspiring Movement

Launching of Wardah Inspiring Movement

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As Indonesia's independence day celebration nears, Wardah launches a CSR event titled Wardah Inspiring Movement. Brand Ambassador Wardah, Tatjana Saphira and Tulus, along with representatives of organizations who have been collaborating in Wardah's CSR activities, were present in the launching event. The movement covers four pilars. In Education, everyone can learn. Health includes cervical and breast cancer socializations along with donation to child treatment programs. Women Empowerment supports women as entrepreneurs. Lastly, Environment focuses on waste management and environmental conservation. 
Unlike previous CSR activities where Wardah collaborated with different organizations in separate events, this time Wardah invites active participations by individuals, communities and organizations through a dedicated microsite. Anyone can sign up as a volunteer for offline CSR activities by Wardah and its partners, or send educational and inspiring contents related to the four pillars. These contents will be curated to be displayed on the microsite or distributed in offline events. Each month, Wardah will choose participants with the most creative online contents / participants with the most offline activities to become the Ambassador of Wardah Inspiring Movement.  
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