NewsBASF Kids' Lab 2018 Returns to Indonesia

BASF Kids’ Lab 2018 Returns to Indonesia

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BASF Kids’ Lab 2018 is back in Indonesia on 9-11 November 2018 at Kuningan City, Jakarta. Children can discover the science of chemistry through safe and fun experiments guided by friendly facilitators. This year, the theme is “Water Loves Chemistry” to promote their understanding that responsible chemistry-based innovations has a huge contribution towards water as an important natural resource. 
There are three experiments that will be held at the event. In Water Purification, children will learn to make their own dirty water and purify it back into clear water, similar to how BASF handles their waste. Water Storage utilizes BASF’s superabsorbent polymer and allows the children to test water storage capacity with sand. Water Research shows how the chemists uses water as a solvent with other solution, and how they can sometimes have a different density compared to pure water.
More than 7,000 Indonesian children has participated in BASF Kids’ Lab since its initiation in 2005, and more than 300,000 children across 17 Asian Pacific countries since 2002. Similar events were also held at BASF factories, inviting unprivileged children and school groups. Aiming to raise interest in science and chemistry in particular, BASF Kids’ Lab 2018 targets 8-12 years old children who are in their formative years and at the time when things they learn get absorbed very easily. Participants are limited for effective learning process and safety reasons. 
To participate in the event, you have to register at