NewsPanther Black Beer's 4-Malt Brilliant Brew

Panther Black Beer’s 4-Malt Brilliant Brew

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Inspired by every daring movement in the world of rock music, Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia launched a new black beer variant dubbed the Panther Black.

Using 4 types of first grade malt, Chateau Chocolate, Crystal, Munich and Pilsen Malt, the Panther Black is decorated with chocolate, caramel, toffee and nuts sensation. Panther Black’s brewmaster, Daniel To expressed his team’s challenge in repeatedly trying to find out the best composition through internal tastings.

Having going through trials and errors with 20 types of malt until the current 4 are chosen. Daniel also added that there’s still this stigma that black beer is less user friendly that its sibling, lager, and through Panther Black, he hopes that the complexity will please and change such stigma.

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