NewsDanone-AQUA to support Mompreneur

Danone-AQUA to support Mompreneur

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 Celebrating “Hari Kartini” on 23 April 2019 – Danone-AQUA hosted series of events for Mompreneurs of AQUA Home Services (AHS). Inviting mompreneurs of AHS to share their experiences and how to conquer challenges in becoming successful entrepreneur which can inspire other mompreneurs. 
AHS is part of DANONE-AQUA business unit consist of mompreneus for AQUA gallon micro distributor model.Currently AHS has reached 7.300 members, spread out in 18 provences, whom mostly are housewives. The event was opened with a welcoming speech from VP General Secretary Danone Indonesia – Vera Galuh Sugijanto.
On the occasion, Danone-AQUA to share knowledge on the importance of reuse, reduce, recycle and smart using plastic. Smart using plastic start from home then continue encouraging surrounding community where AHS are located to spread the campaign of #BijakBerplastik to even wider communities. 
On the main session with “Mompreneur: becoming independent mompreneur” talkshow with VP Sales Operation – Eva Lusiana; Indonesian Actress & Mompreneur in Fashion industry – Maudy Koesnaedi; Financial Planner – Yosephine P. Tyas and AHS Successful Mompreneur – Ibu Yetty, each to share their experiences and inspiring stories in front of other AHS members. To end the session, Danone-AQUA to give certificates as token of appreciation to 61 AHS Mompreneurs for their achievements. 

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