NewsCUCKOO BIG Launch Press Conference 2019

CUCKOO BIG Launch Press Conference 2019

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As Korea’s number one brand in electronic home appliances, CUCKOO always excels in both innovative product and beyond standard service. Following their impact on the Korean industry, CUCKOO offers only top quality products to the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, India and Indonesia.

Indonesia as one of the bottled water consuming countries, especially how it is transported and very badly stored, gains certain attention from CUCKOO. CUCKOO provides help to improve the Indonesian lifestyle; to let you drink directly from their water purifer, with no compromised quality. Besides that, CUCKOO wants to expand their products, including Air Purifier and Multi Cookers to Indonesia. Letting everybody to enjoy the CUCKOO Beyond Standards lifestyle.

In accordance with that vision, CUCKOO guarantees to do their best only by putting their top-tier products within customers’ reach, making it obtainable to as many as possible. Revolutionize the living standards in Indonesia by providing pure, clean water for all—without the need to overexert yourselves. CUCKOO is the only one in the water purifier industry who offers thorough steam sterilization, maintenance, and filter change warrant all wrapped up in CUCKOO’s Natural Care Service. CUCKOO’s Natural and Nano Positive Filters are patented and guaranteed to bring you only the best drinking water: 100% pure, free of all viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals.

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