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Capture the Wonders of the Fauna World in International Animal Photo Competition 2019

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Take out your camera, engage your animal instinct and snap the best photo you can in the International Animal Photo Competition 2019. The 29 years old event was meant to raise more public awareness towards our furry and scaly friends and their existence among us. The event which initiated at Jakarta Aquarium, Neo Soho Jakarta on Saturday, 27 July 2019 was inaugurated by Deputy Director of Taman Safari Indonesia concurrently as chief organizer of IAPC 2019 and Veterinary Indra Exploitasia as representative from the Ministry of Living Environment and Forestry.

There are two main categories plus an additional social media category that entrants can participate in, TSI Group and General. Photos submitted in the TSI Group requires entrants to take the shot within the TSI Group properties, such as Taman Safari Bogor, Bali Safari Park, Jakarta Aquarium, Taman Safari Prigen and Batang Dolphin Center. The General category frees entrants to explore the world. The photo submission period will open until October 2019 and the complete requirements and rules can be viewed on

Jakarta Aquarium itself is one part of Taman Safari Indonesia, specializing in presenting more than 600 species of marine animals, Jakarta Aquarium is also a home to several other non-aquatic from the cutesy-pie Binturongs to the skin-crawling Sumatran Centipedes. The newest residents of Jakarta Aquarium including several Nautilus, a Giant Octopus and deep-sea dwelling Giant Isopod.   

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