NewsPipiltin Cocoa Launches Ransiki 72%

Pipiltin Cocoa Launches Ransiki 72%

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In collaboration with West Papua Province, South Manokwari Regency, Cokran Farmer’s Cooperative “Eiber Suth” and IDH the Sustainable Trade Initiative, Pipiltin Cocoa launches the latest authentic Indonesian chocolate collection called Ransiki 72%. The collaborations aims to ensure a sustainable development that supports the preservation of environment and the welfare of farmers, in line with the green economy development specializing in cocoa at the Ransiki district planned by the local government.  

Mohamad Lakotani, Vice Governor of West Papua said that the province with its amazing biodiversity can be compared to a small paradise on earth, and the premium Ransiki cocoa has that taste of paradise. According to Tissa Aunilla, founder of Pipiltin Cocoa, a sustainable production can only be gained through harmony between nature and local community. It is part of the brand’s journey: signature taste from each region, high quality, sustainable and inclusive.  

You can find Ransiki 72% at Pipiltin Cocoa Grand Indonesia, Pipiltin Cocoa Sarinah, Foodhall Senayan City, Kem Chicks Pacific
Place and Tokopedia.

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