News45th Anniversary Sarirasa group

45th Anniversary Sarirasa group

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First established in 1974, called as Satay House Senayan, located in the premium area of Kebayoran, Pakubuwono. Since then Sarirasa Group consistently introduces and develops Indonesian cuisine to the market.

A breakthrough for the group, was to centralize and build central kitchen for productions and distributions in order to maintain its consistency, quality and taste. Further development and innovations were taken as the business grows until present time. This year, the group celebrates its 45th Anniversary and launches the new logo ’45’, which symbolizes a mother gives satay to her daughter, that represents 45 years of traditions that pass forward from generation to generation. 
In 2019, Sate Khas Senayan itself has 50 branches in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Other brands which also belong to Sarirasa Group are TeSate, TeKote, GoPek, GoPek House, Sarirasa catering and Bale Nusa (the original building in Pakubuwono outlet, which is renovated and transformed as modern function hall).

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