SavvyFettleRegenerate with Immune Boosting Programs

Regenerate with Immune Boosting Programs

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Current times have given rise to the need of being whole and healthy, both in body and mind. SANGHA Retreat, an integrated and immersive wellbeing sanctuary that combines the ancient wisdom of the East with the latest in Western scientific research, harnesses this change with the new Immune Boosting Programs.

Providing the tools for lasting, ever-evolving self-healing, the Immune Boosting Programs cover everything from posture to metabolic functioning. A range of prescribed therapeutic treatments, alongside a customised nutrition plan, effectively encourage the release of negative holding patterns and promote a profound inner peace through which the body can achieve and maintain optimum health.

The programs are available over a 3 or 6 night period, including the likes of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy Massage, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Lymphatic Drainage, Personal Training, Pilates and more. Expect extensive wellness assessments and lifestyle consultations, anti-inflammatory meals, and access to extensive hydrothermal facilities. The ‘Daily Living Habits Calendar’ also offers a choice of up to 9 daily complimentary workshops and activities covering everything from mindful stress reduction, sleep coaching and sound healing to yoga, breathwork and an introduction to Huangdi Neijing, the ancient medical text credited as being the fundamental source for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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