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The most anticipated contemporary art festival in Indonesia ARTJOG is holding its annual exhibition under the theme “Resilience”. Due to the pandemic, ARTJOG: RESILIENCE offers different presentations from previous years by organizing online and offline exhibitions that can be enjoyed until 10 October 2020. Public can access ARTJOG exhibition and other programs through or visit Jogja National Museum by complying with health and safety protocols.

Inspired by the artists’ spirit, ARTJOG: RESILIENCE aims to celebrate the determination of the Indonesian art world and the festival’s achievements over 12 years. This year, ARTJOG: RESILIENCE will be focusing on Indonesian artists which previously showcased works by international artists.

In this time of crisis, ARTJOG also holds a charity auction and an ARTCARE program to raise funds for Indonesian artists and people affected by the COVID19 pandemic.


Widia Arianti
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