NewsInternational Children's Day 2020: Sinarmas World Academy Explores Children's Potential to be...

International Children’s Day 2020: Sinarmas World Academy Explores Children’s Potential to be the Hope for the Future

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Welcoming the International Children’s Day 2020, Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) has reached various world-class achievements. One of these achievements was from a group of SWA students who managed to become the first Indonesian winners in the world-class prestigious robotics competition – Canada’s World Robot Olympiad (WRO) 2020. Another group of SWA students won a world competition in composing songs, namely the 2020 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest Music Category. In addition, SWA students also won the National Science-Mathematics Competition, 2020 Virtual Wushu Championship, 2020 SEAMO, and 2020 UCC video contest.

SWA implements a balanced holistic educational approach. Six aspects that need to be developed as the balanced manner in a child’s education are: cognitive and intelligence, physical, technological and artistic, environment and community, spiritual and moral, and affective.

Another interesting thing is that SWA also takes extra steps to ensure that children’s potential and development are maximized through a special program, called Personal and Social Development (SEL). Through the SEL program, counselors invite children to execute self-management, build self-awareness, and assist children in practicing responsible decision-making skills, thereby nurturing children to develop social relationships in order to increase their social awareness.

The International Children’s Day is celebrated every November 20. This year, UNICEF raised a theme that is very relevant to the current pandemic situation, namely to “re-imagine a better future for every child”. In line with this, SWA is increasing its focus to equip students with various knowledge that encourages them to become tech-savvy, while being supported by emotional intelligence, creativity, flexibility, and adaptability. Furthermore, SWA also emphasizes an education that provides experiences and implements holistic education tailored to the personal potential of each child. This aims to maximize their potential for growth and development, so that they can achieve their goals and have a positive impact on the world,” says Deddy Djaja Ria.

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