SavvyWardrobeFacemasks, must wear as you go!

Facemasks, must wear as you go!

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Welcome to the new trend in 2020, embracing the new normal fashion.

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As facemasks become the new normal necessities worldwide due to the global pandemic COVID19, introducing these local Indonesian fashion brands which produce beautiful facemasks inspired by the Indonesian culture, ‘Batik’ and ‘Tenun’, all with unique designs and motifs.

Facemasks become the must have new normal items, for work, grocerries shopping, hang-out, wedding reception or other formal occasions. Some will collect them or even wear as matching with their clothes or pairing with spouses or children. 

♦ Delapan Batik @delapanbatik

Originally designing ready to wear fashion with modern twist to Batik from outers, shirts and pants by piece or by set, inspired by local flora, fauna or fruits motifs and to apply those unique motifs on traditional Javanese Batik making process. Famous for its themed series, namely immunology, ginger, pineapple, Delapan continues to grow and adapt with the business trends in designing themed series further to shopping bag, purse, scarf and facemask.

For facemasks, Delapan offers price range from IDR 75,000 to IDR 100,000. Also available matching scarf and facemasks or bundling kids and adults facemasks.

For purchase please contact through instagram @delapanbatik

♦ Tenun Gaya by Wignyo @tenungaya

Tenun Gaya releases new series of facemasks made from silk and cotton hand-woven material with ethnic contemporary motif from Batik ‘beras awur’ and ‘mega mendung’. The design is modified with patchwork of ‘bintik’ and ‘lurik’ that become the signature of Tenun Gaya. Each product comes with different motif and color, which make each as collectible items.

The other series still made from hand-woven, more classic and exclusive, inspired by the traditional Indonesia Archipelago culture, namely  ‘Tenun Tanimbar’, ‘Songket Palembang’ and ‘Ulos Sumatera Utara’.

Each facemask is made with three layers, using cotton cloth in the middle and comfortable to wear with a facial anatomy shape design. The series are available in price range from IDR 40,000 to IDR 150,000 per piece.

For purchase please contact Tenun Gaya by Wingnyo Boutiques, phone no. +62 21 7690544 or whatsapp no. +62 896 6909 6867

♦ Alleira Batik @alleirabatik

Alleira, the brand is renowned for its themes of modern Batik with high quality material and its signature colors also unique designs. Adapting with the new normal, Alleira launches series of double protection facemasks, special hat with visor 100%.

Including the latest series from the Indonesia Archipelago culture is ‘tenun Karo’ from North Sumatera. Each collection suits for informal to normal occasions, also become interesting collectible items.

For purchase, the collections are available in all Alleira Boutiques, and market places (tokopedia, shopee,





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