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Playfully Natural

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A nature-inspired daycare space that keeps kids engaged.

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Photos by Ketsiree Wongwan

Believing that nature is the best learning ground, NITAPROW design studio brings outdoor experiences into the safety of an urban, indoor daycare called Playville, Bangkok. The design avoids a blatant copying of the look and focuses more on the terrains and topographical structures. This way, the kids are encouraged to explore their physical and cognitive abilities.

Bold colors serve as accents, giving way to the dominating use of muted colors and natural wood. Natural lighting plays a big part in keeping the space bright, coming in through the pixelated felt screen on the glass façade and the skylight planes.

The whole space consists of four conceptual zones that reflect its counterparts in nature. The Fog & the Tree Tunnel serve as the entrance hall, leading inside with an archway and a line of lockers. The Hill & the Burrow sets a wooden raised platform for climbing and sliding connected with the main play area, while at the same time opening a hideaway underneath.

The main play area is centered on custom foam blocks surrounding a ball pit that serves as the Lake, looping around the Island which has a playhouse on it. The Dune & the Oasis is a covered outdoor area where the kids can play in a sand pit or jump around on the grass-covered trampoline.

Designed to accommodate a kid’s tendency for repetition, the whole space still offers options for interaction, one of the keys when designing a kid’s space as they can become easily bored without enough stimulation.