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Xiaomi Lifestyle Home Appliances: Ease Made Easier

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Xiaomi has not only emerged as one of the world’s top smartphone brands in just 10 years, it is also determined to become a partner that customers can trust to improve home living.

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► Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender

The Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro can be used simply by plugging into any wall socket and does exactly what it says, extends the Wi-Fi signal reach into every corner of the house and improves reliable high-speed internet connections for devices such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and smart TVs. It is able to connect transmission speeds up to 300Mbps and support 16 devices simultaneously, the Range Extender is equipped with 2×2 external antennas which actively improve signal stabilization.

► Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic

Xiaomi redefines the meaning of true wireless with Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic. With a battery life up to 20 hours, the clear and rich sound is created using a dynamic driver with a 14.5mm composite diaphragm powered by AAC Audio Codec technology. Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic support various smartphone operations with easy gestures such as double taps on the earphone to receive incoming calls and auto pausing when the earphone is taken off in addition to double microphone ENC which will enable a clearer voice.

► Mi Smart Band 5

Built as a reliable companion for various activities, the Mi Smart Band 5 is a gym partner, medical supervisor, and personal secretary. Equipped with a colorful screen with 65 display themes, the Mi Smart Band 5 supports 11 sport modes, is able to withstand being submerged to 50m, and possesses an astounding 14-day battery life as well as battery saver mode for increased battery longevity. The Smart Band 5 is capable of monitoring heartbeats which is useful during sporting activities as well as for medical purposes, and it even acts as a personal trainer to help wearers in guided breathing exercises.

Mi Home Security Camera 360o

The Mi Home Security Camera 360o offers 1080p FHD 360o view of the detailed surroundings with wide dynamic range and comes pre-installed with a rotation base and can be placed on a table, window, ceiling or wall. The new FHD video encoding technology enables smoother streaming and reduces bandwidth without sacrificing video resolution. The Mi Home Security Camera 360o is equipped with an AI-powered movement and human detection program, supports 2-way calls, and also works with Google Assistant and Alexa as well. The Mi Home Security Camera 360o’s Infrared View is powered by the latest low-light true color recognition technology, making seeing the full color palette possible even at night. Night Vision is also improved with an f2.1 aperture assisted by an 8-bulb 940nm infrared illuminator. Video surveillance files are kept in local MicroSD up to 64Gb in addition to NAS storage.

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