WanderlustSavorKawisari Cafe & Eatery: True Indonesian delight

Kawisari Cafe & Eatery: True Indonesian delight

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Traditional coffee and cuisine in a swathe of eclectic and colorful ambienca.

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Strategically located in the centre of Jakarta, with itsclassic colonial exterior yet eclectic and colorful ambience, the Kawisari Cafe and Eatery offers a cozy dining experience from breakfast to dinner time. The ground floor of this 2-storey café is designed with a higher ceiling in the middle that gives it a spacious atmosphere while the second floor also offers an open-air section. Private rooms with a capacity of between 15 and 30 are available for meetings or small to medium functions.

The name of the café was inspired by the Kawisari plantation in Blitar, East Java, and it is now the fifth F&B outlet in Jakarta operated by Tugu Hotels and Restaurants. Kawisari offers signature coffee from the oldest plantation on Java island with coffee variants from arabica, robusta and ‘luwak’ which have been renowned for centuries. Kawisari was honoured in 2019 and given the International AVPA France Gourmet Award for ‘Coffees Locally Roasted in their Country of Origin’, for its best Robusta strong, powerful and bitter category. This award is a source of pride and recognition that Indonesian coffee can compete in the global market. For coffee enthusiasts, Kawisari offers a wide range of coffee beverages, from special blend, signature selections, classical coffees, and infusions.

As well as the coffee, Kawisari offers a wide selection of Indonesian dishes including traditional snacks such as the ‘Serabi’ Javanese pancake, ‘Lapis Jongkong’, a traditional layer cake made of rice flour with grated coconut topping, and ‘Pohong Merekah’ the fried or steamed cassava served with sambal. Kawisari also offers its signature ‘Nasi Besek’ bamboo basket rice platter in individual or sharing portions for dine-in or take away options. The ‘Nasi Besek’ comes with a selection of dishes from crispy, sweet fried chicken, duck, or skipjack tuna and various traditional Indonesian salads and other side dishes.

For a refreshing beverage, choose from the fresh juices, smoothies, traditional Indonesian iced/cold dishes, cocktails and other alcoholic options.