WanderlustOdysseyPeak Walk by Tissot: The ultimate height experience in The Alps

Peak Walk by Tissot: The ultimate height experience in The Alps

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Glacier 3000 offers a prestigious journey with breathtaking scenery, all year round.

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Photos by Sri Utami, Glacier 3000 CH

Among the amazing tours which offer magnificent panoramic views of Switzerland’s mountains, Glacier 3000 has become one of the most trending. First built in 1959 it was taken over by new investors in 2005 with the goal of increasing the value of the experience. So, the operating company Gstaad 3000 AG was founded and it is now a favorite winter and summer destination with attractions for skiing and hiking alongside an alpine coaster, fun park and ‘Peak Walk by Tissot’ (the first suspension bridge to connect two peaks with one another).

Glacier 3000 is located in Col du Pillon, Les Diablerets. Col du Pillon itself is a mountain pass in the western Swiss Alps that links Aigle, Le Sépey and Les Diablerets in Vaud with Gstaad in Berne and is approximately one kilometre from the border with Berne. Col du Pillon is also home to the lower station of the Scex Rouge cable car while Les Diablerets is a village and ski resort. It is surrounded by the Diablerets Massif whose peak, ‘Sommet des Diablerets’, stands at 3,210 metres (10,530 ft) and is the highest point in western Switzerland.

The ‘Tissot Peak Walk’ is a suspension bridge that offers stupendous views from its 107m length that overlooks the magnificent Vaud Alps in all their glory and provides the most amazing background for your pictures or videos.

As well as the Peak Walk, other activities include an alpine coaster, dining and brunch at Glacier 3000, glacier walk, hiking, climbing ‘via ferratas’ a trip into the vertical, glacier flight, ski & snowboarding, cross-country skiing, dogsled rides, and a snow bus. However, it is important to check prior to your visit and make reservations to experience those activities. Before leaving the peak, visit the souvenir shop for some unique Swiss souvenirs and gifts. Opening hours may vary depending on winter or summer season but are usually 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and start with a 15-minute ride up to 3000m with the ride being available every 20 minutes.

For families with children, you may benefit from ‘Halbtax Abo’ the half fare travelcard. Tickets are available for single or group tickets of a minimum of 10 people and they include the ‘Peak Walk by Tissot’, ice express chairlift, Fun Park and glacier walk. Should you wish to stay overnight, there are plenty options of accommodation within driving distance.

It’s a great day out for the family and a unique high-level experience on a natural treasure!



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