NewsBoca Espresso Indonesia - fresh coffee, sustainable choice

Boca Espresso Indonesia – fresh coffee, sustainable choice

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Drinking coffee in modern-day living with all the conveniences and technology, now only needs a coffee machine, coffee pod/capsule and coffee bag while at the same time being responsible to the environment. Introducing Boca Espresso, founded in 2017 by Chris Beachley, Boca Espresso focuses on providing the best, eco- friendly, single serve coffee products made in Indonesia using 100% Indonesian coffee.

On the recent launch, Boca Espresso introduced the new range of 100% compostable, climate neutral coffee capsules (pods). These pods are made of bioplastic, called Terrablend, a substance made from organic vegetable oils, cellulose and starches. This organic material can start to decompose naturally subsequently one week after disposal. In producing these pods also using energy from wind, hydropower, sun and biogas. Thus, conserving energy and resources at every step of the process.

Boca Espresso offers four variants of coffee that are carefully crafted to meet customers’ needs. The coffee blends range from a lighter body medium roast to a strong Italian style darker roast, such are Revive – Signature Blend, Explore – Espresso Blend, Chill Out – Decaf Blend and Wake Up – Italian Blend.

For a more complete drinking coffee experience, Boca Espresso opened a flagship showroom and café located in the heart of Jakarta, in the lobby of the Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta. Boca Espresso Café offers a variety of coffee-based drinks prepared by Boca’s talented baristas.  On top of that, to accompany the coffee, the café also offers a wide selection of delightful, freshly baked artisanal pastries and cakes. The café has a modern design and easily becomes a favorite place for many people who are looking to have a coffee break, to work, or to have a small meeting.

All products are available on website or via Tokopedia