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Ramadhan is a great opportunity to share generosity and kindness with others. This year, Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta presents three kinds of Ramadhan Packages fit for all situations, those who want to share with others and choose to stay at home, or those for corporates or offices who want to break the fast together, and those who want to share the kindness at Samazana Restaurant with family members or close friends.

Two packages which really served a traditional favorites, “Sekul Berkat” the individual package wrapped in traditional bamboo box only at IDR 68,000 nett per portion with 3 choices; Sekul Timbel, Sekul Campur, and Sekul Cumi which includes rice wrapped in banana leaves, deep fried chicken or duck with authentic Javanese herbs bring up a unique savory taste, or grilled big squid, with condiments, and dessert.  “Kembul Bujana”  Package at IDR 368,000 nett is the package for five persons, presenting a typical herbs seasoning whole chicken, with rice, Javanese vegetable soup, condiments, ta’jil and dessert.

Royal Ambarrukmo opens daily buffet at the award-winning restaurant, SamaZana, providing a wide range of Indonesian mix with mouthwatering Arabian dishes called “Kampoeng Ramadhan” at IDR 168,000 nett per person, with menu rotation from Monday to Sunday. Ensuring every guest’s health, the hotel limits the seating capacity for daily reservation therefore advance reservation is recommended. Guest can enjoy special offer “Pay 4 Dine 5” for BCA credit card holder only for “Kampoeng Ramadhan” during Ramadan. In addition, Royal Hampers are also available at very affordable price IDR 658,000 nett.

For more information regarding Ramadhan in Royal Ambarrukmo please dial +62 274 488 488 or reach to Food and Beverage Sales at WhatsApp number +62 851-5657-8961.

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