NewsProtect Yourself and Reach for Victory in Ramadan Webinar with AQUA

Protect Yourself and Reach for Victory in Ramadan Webinar with AQUA

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AQUA hosted a Ramadan webinar, titled “Protect Yourself and Reach for Victory”, to encourage the public with the importance of protecting ourselves with adequate hydration especially during the fasting month.

Dr.dr. Diana Sunardi, M. Gizi, Sp.GK, as Head of Indonesia Hydration Working Group (IHWG) on the occasion explained “Our body in average needs at least two liters or 8 glasses of drinking water. Since we are fasting in daytime, we can still drink 2 glasses at iftar time, 4 glasses at dinner time and before bedtime, then another 2 glasses at sahur time. Apart from the quantity, we need to pay attention to the quality of our drinking water, please make sure it comes from a protected source and processed according to the government standards.” Diana also added, “Lacking drinking can interfere the cognitive function and affect a person’s mood. Cognitive function plays an important role in regulating perceptions, ways of thinking, memory and emotion. This has the potential to interfere with daily activities including praying. Since 75% of the human brain consists of water, if the body is dehydrating, this can lead to dysfunctionality conditions including the brain itself.”

AQUA as pioneer of drinking water and through its product range provides “Three Protections” to ensure the quality of products, which includes protection of water sources, protection of natural mineral content and protection in the production process with technology”, as explained by Intan Ayu Kartika, Brand Director of Danone-AQUA. She added, “We hope that AQUA can support any individuals and families in maintaining good health and hydration, especially reaching for blessings in the holy month of Ramadan.”

This Ramadan as we are all still facing pandemic with unprecedented situations and challenges mentally, we can start to build good habits, such as taking regular breaks, allocate me-time and praying time, and most importantly to drink enough water to prevent any dehydration and decrease of cognitive function. Also through giving and sharing to others in need, this can stimulate happiness in our mind”, as explained by Psychologist, Analisa Widyaningrum.

Raisa Andriana as Brand Partner of AQUA, added “Since childhood, mom always reminds us to take good care of our health and break the fast in moderation, balance our nutritional intake and ensure our body gets adequate hydration. Though it’s not always easy, in the end we benefit from those messages. Raisa added, “My mom chose AQUA because she knew what’s best for her family for drinking water which provides the three protections.”

As discussed, hydration and sharing bring good physical and mental health, AQUA on the occasion introduces and invites the people during this Ramadan month, by sharing Ramadan stories respectively on Twitter or TikTok with hashtag #RamadanbersamaAQUA. All the uploaded stories will be converted into donations to various humanitarian activities for those in need.

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