SavvyFettleDian Kenanga Totok Aura: Ultimate Relaxation

Dian Kenanga Totok Aura: Ultimate Relaxation

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A feeling of freshness and rejuvenation.

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Come and take a moment to be pampered and comforted by the therapeutic aura massage at Dian Kenanga Totok Aura. ‘Totok Aura’ is a technique that combines the therapeutic methods of Accupressure and Bio-Energy and paying attention to pressure points during a massage that will not only relieve stress, but also give health, beauty and wellness benefits.

This pioneer of ‘Totok Aura’ in Indonesia will brighten your day by helping you emit positive energy through your aura. Dian Kenanga Totok Aura offers a range of ‘Totok Aura’ massages and other treatments that will help you to rejuvenate mind and body, including the Totok Aura Wajah (Therapeutic Facial Aura Massage), Totok Aura Tubuh (Therapeutic Body Aura Massage), Totok Aura Payudara (Therapeutic Breast Aura Massage), and Totok Aura Getar Syaraf (Therapeutic Nerves Aura Massage).The attractive packages ensure complete satisfaction and best results provided by the professional massage therapists.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your treatment and get ready to look healthy and radiant with Dian Kenanga Totok Aura.

Ruko Pasar Segar Depok, Blok RC-1 no. 1-2-3
Jl. Tole Iskandar Kav. 59, Depok, West Java
T: +62 21 7783 2384 / 7783 2385

Jl. Raya Pejaten Barat No. 38
Kemang, South Jakarta
T: +62 21 780 6679 / 780 1185
IG @dktanew

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