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Essentially Munich

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Beneath all the year-round Bavarian festivities, Munich offers a window to the past through its world-class museums but most importantly, a glimpse of the future.

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Photos by Louis Hotel, Ruby Lilly Hotel, Augustiner-Keller, Esszimmer, Prinz Myshkin, Pearl, Manufactum, Olympia Park, BMW, Kunstareal, and Munich Residenz


Louis Hotel

Munich is one of the most exciting cities in Europe so it helps to be in the center of things. The Louis Hotel is strategically located in Altstadt, Munich’s grand old town area with its architecture from different eras in history. Each room is an experience and all are tastefully designed with a modern style and quality handmade furniture.


Ruby Lilly Hotel

The Maxvorstadt area of Munich houses the Kunstareal, the art district known for its world-class museums and as the city’s university quarter. In the middle sits the Ruby Lilly Hotel, a laidback boutique hotel that brings the concept of Lean Luxury to let you rest sans nuisance after exploring the museums for days. The rooms are spacious and designed with travelers in mind. If you care for evening drinks, there is a cozy bar waiting for you that is open 24 hours.





A beer garden in the summer or beer halls in the winter, no matter which season you choose to visit Munich, there will always be beer-drinking opportunities in which to revel. Skip the touristic halls and visit Augustiner-Keller to fix yourself up with German beers (they’ve been pouring since 1812) and its lively ambience.



Rows and rows of ice cream and sweets? How can you say no? The Sarcletti family has been making ice cream for generations and their craftsmanship shows in every spoonful of the flavors. Aside from the ice cream, take a peek at their excellent cake selection to take home. It’s a recipe for a good time, although you may have a hard time choosing from amongst the more than 50 ice cream flavors Sarcletti has in store!



After you’ve taken your time exploring the BMW Museum, you must not miss an evening at Esszimmer to satisfy your finer tastes and palate. With two Michelin stars under their hood, you can expect nothing less than an exceptionally creative 11-course evening brought to you by Chef Bobby Bräuer that is paired with stellar service and an extraordinary setting. Close your evening off with a top-of-the-line chauffeured BMW, ready to take you wherever you need to go.


Prinz Myshkin

It’s not only the sausages and pork knuckles but the sheer number of meat-based dishes in Munich that may intimidate the vegetarians. But, step into Prinz Myshkin and you’ll be delighted by the creative, fresh, globally-inspired vegetarian food. It is an adventure into the vegetarian world that will impress even the strictest of meat lovers. Prinz Myshkin does not cut back on quality of produce nor portion of food, so bring a party of family or friends and dig in!





It all started with a woman who had an eye for up-and-coming designers and Pearl became the platform for these young creatives to shine upon. Carrying almost 40 brands, every style present at Pearl has a distinctive mission that sets them out from the rest. If you love spotting trends before they go big, then a weekend hunt in Pearl is essential!



Germany is known for extremely durable and functional products and Manufactum is the epitome of those qualities. Producing and curating more than 2,000 every-day products that are long-lasting, responsibly sourced, and able to withstand the test time, in a fast-paced world with no regards of the impact of similarly fast-paced consumption, Manufactum is a steady force that reminds us to shop well, not more.





Olympia Park

More often than not, Olympic Parks around thew world frequently get neglected and forgotten after the host’s Olympic Games are finished, but fortunately not in Munich. The Olympia Park was built for the 1972 Olympic Games and remains a city icon and sports hub. Don’t just take a walk in the park, you can climb the roofs, explore the stadium, go up the Olympic Tower, and even take the kids to the Munich Sea Life aquarium.



BMW Museum

Life in the fast lane, a ride down memory lane, and a peek to the future, you will experience all of these at the BMW Museum. With BMW’s expansive history in the automotive world, you can spend hours gawking over the collections, details and stories. You can also find other brands in the BMW Group such as Mini Cooper and Rolls Royce. Take a guided tour to make the most of your visit.




Art connoisseurs, you will be delighted as you step back in time. Kunstareal is a museum quarter, eighteen museums to be exact, in the heart of Munich. It would be unthinkable to try to enjoy them all in a single day, so it becomes a grand reason to return. Yet, if you do only have a day, then your must visits are Alte Pinakothek, Neue Pinakothek, and Pinakothek der Moderne.



Munich Residenz

Live like kings and queens, at least for a day! The Munich Residenz was built in 1385, became the seat of government and an aristocratic residence from 1508 to 1918, and was heavily bombed during World War II but has since been finely reconstructed to its former glory. No palace is without art and the Munich Residenz has witnessed some of the greatest art movements such as the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassicism. Don’t miss the Antiquarium, a 66-metre-long banquet hall and gallery of antiques!