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Fusing Car & Living Space

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There are a lot of claims for spacious cars, but Renault takes a step further to provide added space for a smart home.

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Photos by Fernando Guerra | FG+SG, Nicolas Pivetal

With the visionary imagination of designing a genuine extension to a home, Renault introduces the SYMBIOZ concept car for a future that can fully be integrated into a smart home. The interior is reminiscent of a modern lounge and, thanks to its various self-driving modes, you can swivel the front seats to face the back creating a cocoon of comfort.

The display home designed by Marchi architects further explores the possibilities of how a car can fit within and expand your home at the same time, just like a modular extra space. By sliding the car seamlessly into the driveway connected to the lounge and kitchen, just open the car door to interact with those lounging on the couch without having to step out of the vehicle. The driveway is also a platform that can be elevated onto the terrace above, offering the experience of an outdoor space from the comfort of the car.

SYMBIOZ also demonstrates the emphasis on connectivity and home automation. Either your home charges the car automatically or the car covers the home’s electricity, an adaptable and reciprocal system. With its onboard digital technology, the car can access all manner of devices and appliances, including lighting. Here, Philips Lighting allows automated illumination once the car is near. The home’s center-piece cylinder is lit with LED light points that change their shade of white to illustrate the connectivity status such as when the car is charging or on standby.