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What does your ride say about you?

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It doesn’t matter if we are on a budget, the car we drive or the bike we ride says something about us. Yet, according to American coatings company Axalta’s 2019 report, white, black, grey and silver dominate globally when it comes to the colour of the cars that we drive.

This probably has a lot more to do with the prudence of understanding the resale value of an expensive purchase, but is it possible to be fashionable with our vehicles? Fashions come and go in the automotive industry just as they do in every other walk of life and can be seen in the contours and curves as much as they can in the colour.

On occasion, fashion designers from the clothing industry have been asked to apply their personal touches to cars with both weird and wonderful results. For instance, back in 2013 Gucci gave a classy look to the humble Fiat 500 where the fashion house’s familiar red and green stripes were added to the matt black car giving an overall look that that makes a small car look effortlessly elegant.

Alternatively, the British fashion designer Paul Smith was given the opportunity in 2016 of designing a Land Rover Defender for the car’s anniversary. The eventual look of multi-coloured panels was surely more reminiscent of a vehicle that had just come from a panel beater’s workshop, but that’s just my opinion.

In all things fashion, some things stay and others vanish meaning that for every (thankfully) disappearing rara skirt and fanny pack look there remains Coco Channel’s Little Black Dress or the blue denim jeans, plain white t-shirt and black leather biker jacket, both styles having been around for over 50 years. 

An image of the singer and fashion icon Lady Gaga guesting on a talk show popped into my mind as I was writing this. She was sat on a sofa along with other guests but she really stood out. My point here is that you can decorate your ride in any way that you want as there are plenty of affordable customizing options from decals to resprays.

As you might expect, Lady Gaga does have more than one car. In fact, she has a collection of cars and so is able to tailor her day’s outfit to include her choice of automobile which then begs the question; given the choice, what would be in your garage?