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There’s no denying that owning a motorcycle can lead to fun-filled road trips or a way to avoid traffic and get to your destination quickly. Whatever your needs are, the right gear is so important that it should be the first priority before you ride out.

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For most motorcyclists, road tripping is not as simple as gassing up the car and heading off to your destination. There’s also a big difference between motorcycling along local streets on a Sunday afternoon and traversing hundreds of kilometers on a long journey. Free spirits throw caution to the wind and hope everything works out, but smart motorcycle travelers know that common-sense preparation goes a long way. Here are basic essential things that you need for a comfortable, safe and secure ride where the comfort, safety, and mental clarity you get from buying the right gear will pay you back in memorable riding fun.


Without the luxury of space, packing what you need for a trip on your motorcycle can be challenging. To be able to bring all the essentials that you need, external compartments are the key.

Shad designs and produces OEM applications such as cases and seats. Shad motorcycle luggage is an aftermarket option that delivers high quality and well-designed motorcycle cases, racks and saddle bags. Shad luggage is engineered for riding to hold up to the rigors of the road while adding in functional carrying capacity to make your commute or road trips more enjoyable.

Gone are the days of wearing a heavy backpack while riding. Take the weight off of your shoulders with one of Shad’s case or bag options. Most motorcycles don’t come with spacious trunks to store your essentials so Shad motorcycle luggage helps to make your ride more functional.


As wearing the right motorcycle helmet can save your life, the helmet should be of good quality and comfortable when worn, especially for long road trips.

The Nolan N44 is a truly versatile helmet. It can be converted into 6 variations explicitly conditioned for the needs of the rider, has a full face shield, a Pinlock system with an anti-fog visor, and a polycarbonate shell. It’s an extremely lightweight yet durable helmet with a ventilation system that features an intake in the front and in the chin guard with two exhausts in the rear.

This modular helmet is exceptionally suited for the ever changing conditions of the road.


You love your motorcycle, and other people may, too. If you’re afraid someone may try to steal it, consider investing in a motorcycle GPS tracking device and have peace of mind while your motorcycle is out of sight.

The SinoTrack ST-901 GPS tracking device wirelessly transmits the location of your motorcycle to your mobile device and also inform you of the bike’s speed and the direction it’s traveling.

The ST-901 GPS tracker is compatible with any smart-phone, tablet or computer and you can login to your account and track your motorcycle on Google Maps via their free tracking platform anytime and anywhere.