MotionPerspectiveZakaria Hamzah - Chief Operating Officer Alleira Batik: Passion Brings Success

Zakaria Hamzah – Chief Operating Officer Alleira Batik: Passion Brings Success

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Injecting gusto and enthusiasm both at work and life

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Zakaria’s great passion with Indonesian Batik has been in his blood since he first moved to Jakarta in 1992, and it is this which saw Alleira Batik first established in 2005. This passion has brought success with founders Mrs. Lisa Mihardja and Mrs. Anita AS and with Zakaria as COO of the brand.

Zakaria’s strong Public Relations background in the industry has made these 15 years a great success for the brand along with the great team work and cooperation of management, employees and Indonesian Batik lovers. He certainly feels that among the key successes was when choosing the right brand Ambassador to represent Alleira Batik in penetrating the domestic market.

Alleira Batik intensively innovates domestic and international fashion trends and actively participates in various reputable fashion shows including New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, as an invitee of Indonesian Embassy and Consulate General overseas, and The Indonesian Trade Promotion Centers based in New York, Washington, Korea, London, Paris, Bratislava, the Netherlands and many others with success coming from consistently building networks and partnerships with the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, and the Jakarta Tourism Office who have introduced Indonesian Batik overseas to Moscow, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and many other countries.

The annual Alleira fashion show involves inviting H.E Ambassadors and Madam Ambassadors as models wearing Alleira which promotes Batik Indonesia as an authentic Indonesian culture to the International market.

Finally, Alleira’s success has great deal to do with their presence in retail stores in shopping malls in Singapore and main cities of Indonesia.

Adapting to the digital era, Alleira Batik has been revolutionizing the retail stores to online shopping since December 2016, through as the digital platform for all Alleira Batik Group products. In facing the Covid-19 pandemic, Alleira’s loyal customers are being assisted by the ease of shopping through WhatsApp and Instagram channels.

Anticipating the 2021 fashion trends, Alleira will launch based on the 4 big seasonal themes including Chinese New Year, Spring/Summer, Ramadan/Eid and Festive collections. Also, to continue to launch facemasks, scarf masks, protective hats, turbans and casual loungewear as the new normal design collections. Zakaria said, “Just this year, though in this pandemic situation, Alleira has successfully launched Denim Batik, Karo Batik, Aceh Batik and Carys Care collections. So, don’t miss out on the soon-to-be-launched February 2021 collection with a touch of pink and many more to come!”

With the huge responsibility of managing the brand and his busy schedule, Zakaria always spares time to swim at least once a week to maintain his health and relieve stress. In recent years, he has become interested in yoga, too. He said, “By regularly exercising it can really help us to reduce stress, train the body’s muscles, and control heart, lung and blood sugar levels so that we can have a peaceful mind, healthy body and tons of creativity for our work.”


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