MotionInsightIs Your Company Prepared for Rebound in 2021 ?

Is Your Company Prepared for Rebound in 2021 ?

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Getting a head start in theunforeseen climate

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The virus outbreak has been hard for most businesses all over the world. Since the first few weeks of the pandemic, companies have been busy setting up and preparing for how to carry on with business while taking care of their employees. From restructuring finances and budgets and initiating methods and KPIs of working from home, to creating different strategies for sales and marketing and preparing the technology to be used.

Most have put a hold on their manpower recruitment to see how long the situation would go on, however, nothing is permanent and after surviving this storm we need to be prepared to rebound. 2021 will be a turning point in the world’s economy, which means companies will need to cover their losses or even double up their revenue to achieve the rest of the year’s target. For this, you need to have the most talented people working in your organization to help you and how to boost the energy of the business, especially working in the new normal era.

One thing you can do after re-designing your strategies and targets and up-skilling your competencies is to start identifying whether you have the correct people to run with you. The changes in working styles, agility, pressure and working conditions are not the same any more. Some employees might have changed for the better and some may not. Depending on what your company strategy is, the old structure may not work in the new normal. And, if you have terminated some of your talent due to the pandemic, then you have an opportunity to replace the jobs or roles in line with your new concept.                                              

The pool of available employees in the market is currently high due to the rise in unemployment in 2020, however that does not mean recruiting people is easier. Identification of the right talent is still as tricky as it was before or possibly more difficult due to the huge options that are available. Remember that companies mostly let go the non-performing employees first before deciding on the higher performers. You or your HR team may need to look through more resumes than before and do more interviews which is time and energy consuming and forces costs to increase.  To get your business up to speed you need the most efficient and effective way to hire your team, one of them is to leave it to the Executive Search firms or Headhunters to take over this process for you, this way you can focus on the strategy while getting results from the experts in the recruitment area.

Why you should plan your recruitment immediately?

Some companies are already doing so, have prepared well and are ready to kick off. Interviews and assessments are being held online and negotiations of salaries, reference checks, even the offering stage are all being digitalized.

With our years of reputation, Quantum Select International offers an extensive network for your specific market and has many potential candidates in our database making it easier to uncover more of the hidden talent and widen your reach. Serving across industries from traditional businesses to technology-based businesses, the pandemic has not prevented us from finding the best candidate for your company, despite the high availability of employees. Our methodology and our experienced recruitment consultants have served over 1000 companies in successfully placing candidates within your target period.