WanderlustSavorMoonlight Poccha: A Hip Place for an Enjoyable Night Out!

Moonlight Poccha: A Hip Place for an Enjoyable Night Out!

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Located in one of the trendiest areas in Jakarta, Moonlight Pocha is without question the only authentic Korean restaurant you need.

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photos by KIKI Y. BASUKI

In this vibrant neighbourhood, full of neon and night lights, Moonlight Pocha offers a cozy atmosphere which is perfect for those who want to hang out after work or catch up with friends over the weekend. At the helm is Chef Andy Kwon, and Moonlight Pocha guarantees you will have fantastic time while delving into their mouthwatering-ly good menu.

The menu features an array of light bites and main courses, along with Korea’s very own soju that pairs very well with the dishes. If you’re craving for Kimchi, you will find it in their best-sellers which includes Kimchi Pancake, Kimchi Fried Rice, and Kimchi Creamy Pasta. The savory Kimchi pancake is a next-level move with parmesan and mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top of it; Kimchi Fried Rice is an instant classic that provides an unpararelled experience with its mix of beef bacon, kimchi and sesame seeds; Kimchi Creamy Pasta has a rich, complex flavor making it a memorable delicacy. Foodies will also love their signature Beef Ribs. This serious meat’s quality is no joke and with its layers of rich flavors, it’s addictive!