WanderlustOdysseyTorino: The City of Classic Art

Torino: The City of Classic Art

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 If you  are a fan of classic art such as reinassance, baroque, neo classical and similar art or architecture, you have to make sure Torino is on your bucket list. This first capital city of Italy keeps so many treasure inside. Now, Torino is famous as the city of industry and coffee.

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Superga Basillics is the first spot you have to visit. It’s an old yet monumental church of Torino. At the backside of the church, there laid the monument of Torino football player who died during the phenomenal superga plane accident. At the basement of the church, you can find the tomb of King of Savoy family which designed in artistic yet fabulous way.

 The mole of Antonelliana is the iconic building of Torino and named under the architect name, Alessandro Antonelli. It established on 1889 and now become one of the most famous museum in Torino.


 Piazza San Carlo and The Bronze House is the equestrian monument of Emmanuel Philibert, the duke of Savoy.


Most of the Building in Torino main street has eclectic style. Beyond beautiful.


 The Chapel of Holy Shroud is a baroque style chapel which kept the shroud that believed as the linen of Jesus Christ.


 Experienceing medieval life in Medieval Village Torino. It’s not a real old medieval city, yet it’s still got an awesome medieval ambiance and look.


 Piazza Carlo Alberto, where the National Museum of History and The Public Library of Turin stand.


Museum of egypt, one of the most important role for Torino tourism and economy. There kept so many old statue and even mummies from the ancient egypt.