ImpressionArtICAD: Navigating a Post-Pandemic Exhibition World

ICAD: Navigating a Post-Pandemic Exhibition World

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The pandemic has forced museums and galleries around the world to shut their doors to the public. Gradually, we are adapting by shifting to the digital sphere.

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When COVID-19 forced us all into limiting our activities from home, almost everything moved online. As we adjusted, soon, more and more things came accompanied by the suffix “from home”; working from home, school from home, yoga from home, the list continues.

And what about exhibitions? Although the pandemic has hit the world hard this past year, we have seen the art and design communities stand together through thick and thin. As organizers were no longer able to welcome guests to their physical sites, industries across the board were moving to virtual/online exhibitions, learning and finding new ways to survive and thrive. We adapt. We change.

The Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design (ICAD), held annually by Yayasan Design+ Art Indonesia, has been no exception. Since it was first held in 2009, ICAD has always presented exhibitions in the public spaces of the grandkemang Jakarta Hotel. Without interfering with the function of the public spaces, the works spread out, blending with the interiors, almost as if they were part of the decoration.

As an indispensable element of art and design, the aim now is to expand their space—both physically and virtually. The post-pandemic world has offered an opportunity to present the exhibition in a more hybrid and innovative way.

ICAD is the first and only exhibition that has initiated the collaboration of design, art, technology, entertainment, and hospitality industry; involving interior designers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, scenographers, painters, sculptors, filmmakers, and many other creators. It is held annually to explore the richness of Indonesia’s local wisdom in a contemporary way. For more than ten years, held for 6 to 8 weeks, and accompanied by fringe events, conventions, workshops, and film screening, ICAD has become a large-scale exhibition, promoting design and contemporary art in Indonesia.

This year, ICAD XI will be back with the theme “PUBLIK”, and will be held from 21 October-28 November 2021 in the Kemang area. Not only will it explore more collaborative and innovative ways of presenting the development of art and design going forward, with the theme, ICAD is also inviting artists and designers to look further ahead—an artwork or design might not be suitable to the current conditions, but may hold the potential of being applicative and inspirational to the public of the future.

ICAD also invites designers (product, craft, graphic, and fashion) to submit their proposed creations to be in with a chance to have it displayed at this year’s exhibition. The deadline for submissions is June 30th. Learn more at