DowntimeExposeMedicine at Midnight by Foo Fighters

Medicine at Midnight by Foo Fighters

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The FFs are back with their tenth studio album, after a year’s delay due to the pandemic. Consisting of 9 new songs in a packed 37 minutes of catchy rock, you’ll find elements of dance and pop with four marvelous singles: “Shame Shame”, “No Son of Mine”, “Waiting on a War” and “Making a Fire”. Bandleader/vocalist Dave Grohl (ex-Nirvana) considers it up-tempo, fun, music drawing on his favorite David Bowie album Let’s Dance. Bandmate/drummer Taylor Hawkins describes it as a more pop-oriented effort. Incredibly, Medicine at Midnight has reached the Top 10 charts in many countries worldwide since its release in February 2021.

The band has grown in its membership, evolving into its current six-piece ultra rock/pop outfit. Nevertheless, each era has its own magnitude with distinguishingly memorable hooks. Though not typical Foo material, Medicine is deeply textured, with a good old fiesta in its straightforwad rock and functional guitar riffs that touches the heart and keeps the legs moving. This is Rock Music that dances in like a breath of fresh air and makes you feel good inside.