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St. Carolus Hospital: Service from the Heart

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An unwavering commitment to providing high quality healthcare for all citizens.

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St. Carolus Hospital is the first catholic hospital in Central Jakarta, Indonesia. Pioneered by Vikaris Apostolik Batavia (The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Jakarta), the hospital was built as a manifestation of unwavering commitment to providing high quality healthcare for all citizens.

St. Carolus Hospital has been continously upgraded and expanded over the years, offering patients advanced medical services and treatments. Maintaining its core values, St. Carolus Hospital remains distinguished among all others, as with nursing being one of its strengths this prioritizes its patient-oriented services.

Other than the well-established medical services,  St. Carolus Hospital also features Emergency Care, Pharmacy, Laboratorium, Radiology, Intensive Care Unit, Home Services, Medical Rehabilitation, Endoscopy, Baby Spa and more. Introducing their main service, the St. Carolus Bone and Joint Centre provides orthopedic services for healthy bones, tendons, muscles and joints, with various subspecialties that include spine surgery, hip and knee surgery, musculoskeletal and sports injuries (orthopedic sports injury and minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery), lower extremities, foot and ankle surgery, and upper extremities, shoulder, elbow, and hand surgery.

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