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With medical tourism currently trending, many countries offer not only the best medical care for your health but also pleasant places to visit.

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A booming industry that has increased in popularity, medical tourism is a term that refers to a person travelling in search of medical treatment and where, traditionally, this happens from less-developed countries to developed nations in pursuit of treatments not available in the patient’s homeland.

Many of these patients are accompanied by their family, taking the opportunity to enjoy the travel experience. So, apart from managing the treatment process at the referral hospital, medical tourism agents also assist patients and their families in preparing travel plans, transportation, and accommodation.

Medical tourism has become a new lifestyle, dispelling the notion that illnesses are sad. The healing process can actually include fun activities supported by sophisticated medical technology. With this concept, hope for recovery can increase.

With medical tourism, patients choose their preferred hospital for the best service and also its strategic location for traveling. Now, in addition to resolving health issues, patients are able to choose the most comfortable hotel close to the hospital location and enjoy spending time together with their loved ones in activities such as shopping, hunting for culinary delights.

Medical tourism destinations have been increasing over the years, here are some of the list.

1. South Korea

Notable for its pop culture, South Korea has caught everyone’s attention with their high quality plastic surgery while assuring high standards at affordable prices. Equipped with sophisticated technology, there is no doubt that this country is one of the best destinations for anyone who wants to enhance their beauty. So, while you are on recovery, feel free to roam around the streets of Gangnam, Myeong-dong, and Hongdae where people are no strangers to plastic surgery.

2. Thailand

As one of the best medical tourism destinations, Thailand is an exotic country with a rich culture. Having some of the best hospitals in the world, Bumrungrad International Hospital offers experienced doctors and medical personnel with international standards of service. The hospital has been designed as a five-star hotel ensuring patients and their families are more comfortable. Thailand is also a popular destination for plastic surgery, competing with South Korea.

3. Japan

A popular destination due to its rich and diverse culture, Japan has always been filled with local and international tourists. So, adding medical services and their latest technology to the list of reasons to visit this perfect destination means that Japan will continue to attract people from all over the world.

4. Singapore

With its advanced technology and excellent services in the health sector, there’s no doubt that Singapore is becoming a top destination for medical tourism. This is especially true for Indonesians when you consider the short flight time from Jakarta.

5. Malaysia

Ideally located for Indonesians, Malaysia has a special feature when compared to other medical tourism destinations, particularly the room-type service for patients. Here, patients still get the same service even when booking a room with different rates. This is due to the strict rules issued by the Malaysian government regarding the doctor service rate.