MotionInsightUpgrading your skills during the pandemic? Why not?

Upgrading your skills during the pandemic? Why not?

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Don't let the pandemic rust leave its mark.

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Everyone knows that during this pandemic, many people have lost their jobs or had their businesses affected. But they are the lucky ones, when we consider those who have lost their lives to the virus. So, in general, there are two things we face; the first is health risk and the second is financial risk. A person's character such as their adaptability, self-control, decision-making skills and self-discipline, are needed to maintain an income, and in anticipating the spread of the virus. For creative types, the pressure feels less, but this is not the case with personality-types that feel themselves to be inadequate.

To minimize the first problem, health risk, one needs to maintain physical endurance, personal hygiene, regular vitamins, and adequate rest. But what about financial risk? This challenges a person’s thinking and survival capabilities. One can reduce expenses and adjust lifestyle, or change methods of getting income by creating or exploring something new. So, how do you propose to do something new if you haven’t learned anything before? Exactly, it’s difficult.

If you are experimenting, you need capital, have to expect loss, risk revenue and focus on results. In this situation, you need a revenue stream which is no longer in the trial stage, but something that has been proven to add measured income. Then, since you have plenty of time, either if you are working from home or have lost your job, why not upgrade your skills?

I have seen an Accountant who lost his job, sitting home applying for a position, who decided to take online courses in Software Engineering. He learned a bit of programming on a 3-month course and after his first month, he was already taking on freelance jobs and earning enough money to cover his course fees. I also know a Secretary who is currently selling cakes. There are many more stories like this.

The key here is the drive to learn something new, to enhance or sustain income. There are a thousand ways to learn, either from reading books, viewing webinars, social media, online courses, etc. You can actually select the best option and most comfortable for you and relax while getting new ideas.

Another way to upgrade your skills is to understand new methodologies that can help you work more productively, for example, meditation and yoga help you focus. You could learn presentation or communication skills which take your sales skills to the next level, read about the financial industry or stocks and foreign exchange. Having extra knowledge and experience has never done anyone any harm so, the sky is the limit when it comes to learning.

At Reqruit Asia, we notice that employers look at the additional points, interests, organizations, and training, that are included on a candidate’s resume as a supporting tool when considering the application. That’s why we have a column on every candidate’s dashboard that includes this additional information on experiences outside the main role. This gives employer a clearer view on the type of person they are hiring, the little details that add up to be a deciding factor. So go ahead and upgrade yourself, it’s never a loss to invest in yourself.