WanderlustOdysseyNandini Jungle Resort & Spa: Embrace of Nature Harmony

Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa: Embrace of Nature Harmony

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Over the trees and down the hill, is where this luxury haven resides.

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An island of never ending discovery, Bali will never cease to amaze paradise seekers. Inspired by the mythical magnificent abode of the god Shiva, the Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa is home to 34 suites & villas, an out-of-this-world spa experience, dining options, and a romantic wedding venue and honeymoon escapade. Nestled deep in the lush rainforest of the Gianyar region, and with a mesmerizing view across a valley, the Nandini Bali Jungle Resort and Spa offers a truly luxurious experience in a pure and natural environment. Upon arriving, one can easily become immersed in the beauty of this hillside oasis, taking in the incredible sights and gentle sounds of the forest below, and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

The Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa has 18 gorgeous villas and 16 luxury suites, separated into three types, Panorama View Villa, Jungle View Villa and Jungle Royal Suite. The Panorama View Villa offers uninterrupted and stunning views over the river gorge below and the greenery all around. The Jungle View Villa is equipped with large outdoor living areas, creating a seamless connection with nature while also retaining a relaxed ambience. Elegantly decorated and furnished with luxurious amenities, the Jungle Royal Suites are built with creativity and quality workmanship, a love letter to the beauty of the surroundings

To accentuate the laid back days at Nandini, enjoy a plethora of activities accompanied by experienced staff, and the tranquillity of the forest and rice fields where you can absorb the great zen for mind and body at Djiwa Shala, or meditate in the heart of rice fields surrounded by the hymns of the birds and sound of the breeze. Take 300 steps down from Nandini and the Sungai Deck awaits, also excellent for meditation lulled by the sound of the Ayung River that brings comfort and relaxation, and where you can discover a soothing and restorative escape for body and soul with “Spa on the River” by Sungai Spa.

The executive chef Gustu invites guests to enjoy the excellence of homemade Balinese cooking. You also have the opportunity to join a Nandini Cooking Class and learn how to cook like a Balinese, bringing an entirely new and exciting culinary journey experience into your own hands.


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