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Premier Jatinegara hospital, a Sime Darby Healthcare Provider: Service Excellence – Cardiac & Cardiac Surgery

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Supporting 32 years of internationally reputable recognition in the provision of quality health services.

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Premier Jatinegara hospital is part of the Sime Darby Healthcare network that has 32 years of internationally reputable recognition in the provision of quality health services.  This enviable reputation covers medical personnel, health services and the complete hospital journey. Committed to consistently improving its service quality, this has been shown by the incredible success of Premier Jatinegara hospital in obtaining various certifications and awards, including International Accreditation from JCI (Joint Commission International), Plenary accreditation from KARS, HICMR certification, and MUI Halal certification.

With current lifestyles, especially in the new normal era, every individual is advised to comply with physical distancing and stay at home. This has led to a lifestyle change with certain situations, including ordering takeout food which can cause obesity, increased sugar intake which can lead to diabetes, and less work-out or increased stress or depression which can lead to cardiovascular diseases. Cases have now been found of patients with cardiovascular disease in their early 30’s. Therefore, a solution is needed for quick medical assistance, the brings less risk and also a speedy recovery.

Cardiac or cardiovascular surgery is surgery on the heart or larger organs performed by cardiac surgeons. One of the service excellences offered by Premier Jatinegara hospital is in cardiac diagnosis and cardiac surgery. Dr. Amin Tjubandi is renowned for his expertise in performing Minimally Invasive Surgery, as well as conventional cardiac surgery procedures. Dr Amin graduated from the Department of Surgery, Sub Division of Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia.

Minimally Invasive Surgery is his expertise, and it refers to any surgical procedure that is performed through small incisions with technological tools, instead of a large opening. The technological tools can assist doctors with better control and vision during surgery, allowing them to perform safe, less invasive and precise surgical procedures. Dr. Amin is very confident that Minimally Invasive Surgery can result in less pain, lower risk of infection, less scarring, reduced blood loss, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery times due to the small incisions. The surgical procedure itself only takes four-hours, including screening and preparations. Even in the future with more advanced technology, this surgical procedure can be performed with robotic assistance.  

As we live in the new normal, which involves greater technology enhancements in such key areas as health care, education and community living, Premier Jatinegara hospital has launched Tele-Health Plus, a tele-consultation service with your doctor from your fingertips. Tele-Health Plus is an access for consultation services with doctors or specialists, diagnostic analytics, medicine prescriptions, consultation prior to surgery, and can assist you with other medical and non-medical requirements including providing flight, accommodation for patients or family accompanying the patient, as well as pick up and transfer to airports across regions within Indonesian archipelago. This is a much-needed solution for patients who reside outside Jakarta, and who need medical assistance from trusted and high quality healthcare providers with faster responses in this pandemic situation.

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