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Teh Enam Tiga: Exploring the Hidden Art of Tea

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Inspired by age-old traditions and perfected by modern technology, sipping Teh Enam Tiga’s premium quality tea is not your regular brew or accompaniment to a snack. Every sip becomes an appreciation of one’s mind and body, enriched through all of the healthy benefits.

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Committed to delivering the utmost quality that nature and mind can get,  Teh Enam Tiga’s products offer traditional teas and flower teas with different fermenting processes and aroma. A visit to their store guarantees an edification in picking the best variety and product based on customers’ needs and preferences. In addition, if requested, a small tasting session inspired by Chinese traditional tea ceremonies can be held on site to further learn the taste, aroma, and recommended water temperature for brewing specific tea products.

Teh Enam Tiga’s tea are harvested from their private plantations in Bogor and Bandung which already have produced selected high quality tea leaves. Teh Enam Tiga’s quality protocols includes making sure that only the 3 uppermost leaves of a tree are harvested and sent to process, ensuring the most vitamins, minerals and antioxidant content. Among the many beneficial contents of tea is a naturally produced substance called catechin. Comparable to the caffeine found in coffee although divergent in their nature, catechin is a type of natural polyphenol and antioxidant which has the ability to stimulate nervous system resulting in improved fitness.

A daily consumption of Teh Enam Tiga’s Oolong blend is beneficial for consumers struggling to lower their cholesterol and fight obesity due to its polyphenol content. The enzymes are good for detoxification and help the digestive system while fluoride improves bone and teeth strength. A further study also reveals that Oolong tea is a good deterrent against cancer and diabetes, assuming that the addition of sugar is also avoided. Last but not least, the soothing aroma is perfect for reducing stress.

Varieties used by Teh Enam Tiga are from the Camelia Sinensis and Assamica trees. The leaves go through various levels of process which determine how far a group of tea leaves are fermented. Green Tea doesn’t go through any fermenting process while 100% fermentation results in Black Tea. The soul of Teh Enam Tiga is the 50% fermented Java Oolong tea which is also available in several variants, the pure Java Oolong Natural which is not mixed with dried flower, and the flower mixed Java Oolong Jasmine and Rose. Teh Enam Tiga also offers Java Oolong infused with apple, strawberry, jasmine and lychee natural flavor, resulting in a more vivid fruity aroma and taste. Imported tea from Taiwan includes Taiwan Oolong which is also available in several variants based on plantation location, tea tree types and which part is used. A variant named Shoumei is only harvested during summer and exclusively uses 3 uppermost  leaves and go through 20% fermentation process.

Teh Enam Tiga’s Black Tea is harvested from their plantation in Sukawarna, Bandung and the 100% fermentation process results in a larger count of antioxidant called theaflavin which prevents free radical and thus possesses anti-aging properties. Teh Enam Tiga also produces Sencha, Green Tea which resembles the aroma and taste of Japanese tea. The powdered Green Tea variant is also a perfect addition for food and beverages.

Along with the aforementioned, more tea variants from Teh Enam Tiga are also available. The beautiful Blooming Tea, the White Tea with the highest antioxidant count, Pu Er Tea, a line up of pure Flower Tea, several variants of herbal drinks and winter melon tea named Teh Kundur. Teh Enam Tiga also serves special Chinese tea ceremony called Tepai which is particularly held at traditional Chinese wedding. Available only for reservations, Tepai ceremony by Teh Enam Tiga will bring the ceremony complete with the ceremonial table and chairs as well as several variants of their tea namely a special blend of tea mixed with longan and angco fruit which symbolize the sweetness and happiness of the wedding couple .

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