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Pompeii and Amalfi Coast: Journey to the Ancient Rome and Coast of Paradise

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When you dream of a free and calm lifestyle, when everything seems to move in slow motion, a journey to Amalfi can be the true version of your dream.  Amalfi Coast might be in all travelers bucket list and there’s always an exact reason why it is.Pompeii back then was a strong big city which also a symbol of the ancient roman’s glory. We know that Pompeii destroyed by the eruption of mount Vesuvius and now, the ruins become one of the most favorite travel destination in South Italy.

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 Amazingly, some home still looks good, but the other are ruined. Each area has different style, based on their social and economy level.

 Pompeii today is a small city. The city is pretty quiet with a nice arrangement and perfect for walking.

The arena of Pompeii still splendid. One time, people gather here to watch the gladiator.

There’s an area which full of old ceramics that found by the ruins and some statues of the Pompeii’s victim. It’s only the copies of the real body, the real body already moved to proper place.

Positano is a small but particular city in Amalfi coast where the high end living begin. The city got classic and classy ambiance that worth every second of your time.

Amalfi is one particular city that famous of the beach. Yes! Spending time at the beach can’t be more relaxing than Amalfi. There’s a famous cathedral in Amalfi where the relics of St. Andrea is kept.

Vietri Sul Mare or Vietri on The Beach is like a daily art exhibition. This city is the biggest ceramics producer in Amalfi Coast. You can find a big ceramics factory here, the city itself is a representation of art, from corner to corner.

Maiori can be one most favorite city along Amalfi coast. The city is small and offer relaxing life with nice city ambiance and pretty beach with less crowd than Amalfi.

The beach of minori probably not the best on Amalfi coast, but they have the one of the most popular pastry shops in the world, Sal de Riso.

Chilling in a small beach with not so many people can’t be better than this.