NewsGrab-n’-Go Healthy and Tasty Japanese Food

Grab-n’-Go Healthy and Tasty Japanese Food

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Proudly presented by Miyama Japanese Restaurant by Hotel Borobudur, a grab-n’-go restaurant located in SCBD Jakarta’s golden triangle business district named Miyama Don was inaugurated by Mr. Judd Lehmann, the CEO of Discovery Hotels & Resorts.



Miyama Don Resides on the first floor of Bursa Efek Indonesia’s Tower 2 and serves Japanese style rice bowl topped with options of sliced beef (Gyu Don), seafood and veggies (Ten Don), fried vegetables (Vegetable Don), fried boneless chicken (Tori Karaage Don) as well as several fusion menu such as Korean Bibimbap rice bowl and Red Hot Chicken Wings. Other specialized menu items include Onigiri (rice balls) with different fillings, Miso Soup, Miyama Don Salad and Potato Salad.



Enjoy a 30% off special price during the grand opening period starting from 18 September to 12 November 2021.