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Listen to your Body – Body Battery by Garmin

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The Human body basically has similarities in systems just like our smartphones. Our power will run out as we use it for activities, then will be charged again when we use it. The term battery in humans is referred to by Garmin as a Body Battery

During a virtual talk-show, themed “Gadgets Advantages in Pandemic”, Garmin introduced this Body Battery feature in their smartwatch lines. The advantages will depend very much on your personal usage. Many people find Body Battery is a fairly accurate representation of their subjective energy levels. This makes it a helpful aid in decision-making. 

Body battery is a feature that uses a combination of heart rate, variability, stress and activity to estimate a user’s energy reserves throughout the day. Furthermore, the rise and fall of the human Body Battery can be influenced by many things including lifestyle. Usually adequate rest and good quality sleep can maintain even increased Body Battery. Meanwhile, a busy work schedule, high exercise intensity, and excessive alcohol consumption can make our Body Battery level decrease. We should listen to our body, so we know how to respond to the condition. The indicators will assist us in decision-making. 
Sports Medicine Specialist dr. Grace Joselini Corlesa, MMRS.,Sp.KO explained, “Stress also affects human health. Every person has a different energy and response to the same activities. For instance in the new normal, where we are required to work from home, for some people it is very convenient, but some others find it stressful since they can not go anywhere.” 
Country Manager Garmin Indonesia, Rian Krisna added “The indicators and tracking from Body Battery can help to monitor and improve user performance, just by using a smartwatch on wrist. He also underlined that the smartwatch is not a medical device, however the indicators can be used by users to further consult with a doctor and find out more about his/her health condition.”
Body Battery feature is available in Garmin Forerunner 55, 45, 245, 745, and 945. Also available in Vivoactive series, Venu series, Instinct (Solar series) and many other series with prices starting from IDR 2,399,000. Get special offers only in October 2021 for Garmin Fenix 6X series and Garmin Instinct Solar series in Garmin Brand Stores near you.

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