NewsBiennale Jogja XVI Equator #6, "Roots Routes", Indonesia with Oceania

Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6, “Roots < > Routes”, Indonesia with Oceania

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The Biennale Jogja art festival is back! This year presents “Roots Routes”, Biennale Jogja XVI Equator #6 taking Oceania as a theme inspired by its region along with all its related issues and relationship with Indonesia, which is also an archipelagic country. The Biennale Jogja  XVI will be held virtually through Biennale Jogja’s website from October 6 to November 14, 2021 involving 34 artists from Java, Papua, NTB, Ambon, Fiji, NZ, Australia, New Caledonia and others.This connection is not only about a long history that occurs through migration routes, traces of language and cultural mixing, numerous religious missions and colonialism, but also through its association to contemporary socio-political situations. With many movements and efforts seeking to decolonize and reclaim sovereignty over both culture, living spaces and resources, there are plenty of dialogues that can be reflected, such as between the indigenous people in Indonesia and Oceania.

The exhibition will take place at the Jogja National Museum. In one of the highlights also collaborating with Museum MACAN in Jakarta with support of Project Eleven to present works by Collective Udeido, one of the most progressive artist collective in Indonesia from Papua where they discuss the complexity of Papuan issue today particularly within the discourse of political stand in looking into environmental issues and their relationship with spirituality. Exciting Docking programs are also available, spreading in four cities in the Eastern of Indonesia and co-produced with local institutions or art collectives in each area respectively.  Docking Program Partners are Museum Loka Budaya Universitas Cenderawasih (Jayapura), Komunitas KAHE (Maumere), SkolMus (Kupang), Paparisa Ambon Bergerak (Ambon). This year Jogja Biennale also presents Korea and Taiwan booths in the exhibition. 
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