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Pullman Bandung Grand Central – A Mixture of Dazzling Artwork and Cutting-Edge Playground

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Pullman Bandung Grand Central, a new addition to the Pullman brand portfolio from Accor since November 2020, offers a dynamic and smart stay experience for business and leisure travellers. Located in Jalan Diponegoro No. 27 as a multi-branded complex with ibis Styles Bandung Grand Central and Pullman Bandung International Convention Center, Pullman Bandung Grand Central is nestled near the famous historical building Gedung Sate and surrounded by renowned tourist attractions. Only 15 minutes away from the Pasteur Toll Gate and 30 minutes away from Husein Sastranegara Airport by car, guests could easily spot Pullman Bandung Grand Central from afar by its art deco building architecture.

The art deco architecture from the Dutch colonial era between the 18th to 20th centuries inspired the whole hotel complex building’s façade design. One of the buildings, Pullman Bandung International Convention Center, resembles the shape of Gedung Sate – a contemporary take on the historical landmark in Bandung that creating aesthetically eye-catching additions to building architecture while representing the evolution of West Java. From the façade exterior, grand entrance, and throughout the hotel area, all details are adorned with bold classical design unveiled the timeless beauty of West Java origins.

Pullman Bandung Grand Central takes traditional art to new levels – from the moment guests lay on first sight, guests will be pleased by the impeccable art in the lobby area. Reminiscing the graceful Peacock of West Java blended with vintage-world European charm. A copper wall relief resembling peacock movement at the lobby delivers a warm welcome with its mesmerizing allure. The hexagonal geometries with a brown wood color scheme at the reception area portrayed a Grande peacock inspiration, adding more enriching and vibrant vibes to the guests’ journey.

Discover more cultural elements at Pullman Bandung Grand Central F&B Outlets. Starting from Sadrasa Kitchen & Bar, where you could find one pair of golden fork and spoon artwork with wayang engravings, showcasing the beauty of Indonesia’s heritage. Sadrasa Kitchen & Bar offers the best view with an aesthetically pleasing installation of classic copper decor featuring a perfect art deco design, making everything feel grand when the sun shines. Next, T-Box tea lounge offers an array of intriguing high-quality tea selections preserved in a tea tin box displayed on modern open shelving. Tea tin eye-catching designs became symbolic back in the 18th century, added a bit of life to the shelves while conjuring up images of home and comfort over distance and time.



Side-by-side with T-Box Tea Lounge, guests could find a modern circular stair made from the finest wood and metal plat that can lead them to the Mezzanine area. Guests will find a beautiful ancient word of Sundanese, West Java, that reminisces the era between the 14th and 18th centuries. The artwork portrayed a lyric from a famous old song called Bandung Selatan Di Waktu Malam, a song written by Ismail Marzuki in 1948 about the romantic soul of Bandung at night. Guest can also find an inspiring distinctive approach of Bandung map on Arabica Meeting Room and Pullman Bandung International Convention Center elevator where the eclectic yet rustic artworks transform into wall décor and unique sandblast sticker with a touch of hotel geotag.

Kujang, a West Java’s long preserved divine weapon inspiration, is adapted as the meeting rooms and spa room door handle. Kujang has sacred values as a status symbol, respect, and amulets for high-ranking officials and nobles of Padjadjaran. The Kujang artworks are serving as a visual guard that also reflects whimsical beauty. Inside the Pullman Bandung Grand Ballroom, the great storyline between two peacock dance figures is beautifully presented with Batik Kawung bamboo woven. The dance showcasing grand male Peacock feather moves to attract female Peacock. The story continues at Pullman Bandung Junior Ballroom, where the rise of a new king happened, and the happy ending story begins. The performance shares a symbol of grandeur, uniqueness, and beauty, revealing the true legacy of West Java.

Inspired by the lure of West Java, Pullman Bandung Grand Central is equipped with 279 rooms and suites with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the stunning city views. The Batik Peacock arts behind the headboard in Deluxe rooms represents refined, compassionate, and generous services offered by hotel staff while showcasing a grandeur vibe. A mixture of the graceful peacock and batik ornament as a symbol of West Java cultural roots shares authentic Indonesian heritage vibes to the room. In addition, a unique installation is available at Pullman Suite, where the fine art is located at the headboard inspired by Arjuna’s crown from Pandawa Lima, presenting the elegancy of all five Pullman Suites.


Explore a fresh take on the lobby experience to get more inspired and motivated. Pullman Bandung Grand Central introduce Mano, The Robot – the first Artificial Intelligent robot lobby ambassador in Indonesia. Mano helps the guests with A to Z information about hotel facilities and surrounded tourists attractions in Bandung. Carry on the brave, intelligent, and hardworking spirit from its name. Mano is designed to be available 24/7 in the lobby area. During the daytime, Mano will roam around the lobby, provide interactive greetings to guests, and return to its station after 8 hours.

For a better hyper-connected experience, Pullman Bandung Grand Central offers high-speed Wi-Fi access and an innovative 55” IPTV system in all guests’ rooms. Enjoy smart technology solutions to access the limitless world and utilizes modern technology with the latest IPTV system that offers screen mirroring, YouTube, and Internet Browser access. Providing unlimited access to PRESSREADER on IPTV, guests can enjoy free subscriptions to 4,800 newspapers and magazines while staying at Pullman Bandung Grand Central by scanning QR code from the IPTV menu.

A business trip to Pullman Bandung Grand Central can be a lifetime game-changing experience. Pullman Bandung International Convention Center offers new ways of doing business by transforms a regular meeting into a modern meeting approach, inviting MICE guests to seize every opportunity for any occasion. With the MEET/PLAY by Pullman design, MICE guests can enjoy high-tech facilities such as Giant LED 75sqm and digital flipcharts, a flexible and easy-to-use solution for the digital era.

Work hard, play hard. Pullman Bandung Grand Central aims to keep the guests at the top of their game while staying at Pullman Bandung Grand Central. By providing the latest high-tech fitness facility such as ICAROS VR – an enhanced virtual reality fitness experience that combines with gamification techniques to improve reflexes, balance, and muscle exercise in a fun way. The ICAROS VR is accessible through POWER FITNESS on the second floor, the lifestyle area of Pullman Bandung Grand Central.


For more information, please call 022 8603 8888 and follow the official Instagram account of Pullman Bandung Grand Central @pullmanbandunggrandcentral. Visit the Pullman Bandung Grand Central website at www.pullman-bandung-grandcentral.com

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