NewsHARRIS Vertu & YELLO Hotels Harmoni announces partnership with

HARRIS Vertu & YELLO Hotels Harmoni announces partnership with

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HARRIS Vertu & YELLO Hotels Harmoni are continuing their steady drive to make their properties more SMART and technology focused. The Properties management team spearheaded a novel strategy earlier this year and despite of the lockdown and covid struggle made continuous progress in adding SMART innovative technologies.

This time the 2 (two) hotels are joining an Auckland based startup company which offers a completely new take on guest centric booking platform. The entire team is excited to announce that it is partnering with, an online hotel booking platform that caters to the specific wants and needs of the users. has turned the conventional price centric online booking process upside down as they focus on what’s important to their customers and to the hotels they represent.

In addition to their drive towards becoming a SMART hotel, the relentlessly innovative management team at HARRIS Vertu and YELLO Hotels Harmoni is not stopping to look for better solutions and to provide greater value to its guests. Given the unfavorable air quality in the city the hotel team has gone through an up tune process of their properties air condition and air intake technology to optimize the in-building air quality. Now meetings and conferences participants can have peace of mind as they can be sure to be in a “top air quality” environment. Before the start of a meeting the service team is coming to the venue to meet the organizer and perform a reading and to give the air quality assurance, as well as the many other initiatives (e.g. and floor cleaning robot and other system integration).