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Premier Jatinegara Hospital, a Sime Darby Healthcare Provider: Save Lives Earlier by Identifying BEFAST Symptoms

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As we continue to co-exist with covid-19, keeping a healthy body and lifestyle has become a priority. The Premier Jatinegara Hospital, with its service excellence clinics, provides professional doctors and cutting-edge technology to consistently deliver quality health services for the patients.

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According to a WHO report in 2019, strokes are the second highest cause of death after heart disease. According to the Health Research Development Agency of the Ministry of Health report in 2014, strokes are the primary cause of death, pushing heart disease into second place. In developed countries, strokes and heart disease rank third and fourth in death rates.

A stroke is a sudden brain function disorder caused by a disruption of blood flow to the brain. In most cases, strokes occur due to blocked blood vessels or a rupture of blood vessels in the brain. Although strokes can be treated, they also carry the threat of ongoing disability. This may lead to a reduction in the quality of life for the patient and affect the family.

Today’s advanced development of stroke awareness can reduce the mortality rate and disabilities following a stroke. The important factors in stroke management are time and the accuracy of treatments. So, identifying the risk factors and BEFAST symptoms (this stands for Balance disorder, Eyesight – sudden blindness in one eye, Face drooping, Arm weakness including limbs or even half of the body, Speech difficulty, and Time to go to the nearest hospital), are essential. 

The time factor is the most critical step as the patient must receive immediate treatment to prevent greater damage. Minutes of oxygen deprivation to brain tissue may result in approximately 1.9 million nerve cells being damaged. Any delay may also cause mortality. This condition is called the ‘golden period’, which means a patient needs to be immediately treated within 4.5 hours from the time of the attack, especially if it is stroke caused by artery blockage.

It is important to send the patient to a hospital equipped with CT scan or MRI facilities to perform thrombolysis and endovascular treatments to release the blockage of the blood clot. The hospital is required to have highly competent professionals specialized in stroke treatments and a special care room or Stroke Unit with 24/7 availability.

The Telestroke facility at the Premier Jatinegara Hospital is the solution for both patients and provider’s needs. The Telestroke ensures a patient’s recovery with minimum risk of disability under the guidance of the tele assistant on how to handle the situation prior to being taken to the hospital for further assistance.

The Premier Jatinegara Hospital in 2019 and 2020 consecutively received awards from the World Stroke Organization (WSO), named the ‘Angel’s Award’, with Gold and Platinum Status.  The Angel’s Award is given in recognition and appreciation for a dedicated stroke team that is committed to practicing continuous management and monitoring strokes.


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