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Changing Jakartan Mobility with the MRT

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Getting around the city by car or motorcycle may be an efficient and effective way for some people. But, since Indonesia’s public transportations are becoming more sophisticated, using public transportation is becoming the best choice for your commute.

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Mass Rapid Transportations or MRT has officially operated in Jakarta since March 2019. From its initial announcement, the MRT garnered the public’s attention by adding an alternative solution to mobility . Clean, and equipped with air conditioning that makes the MRT a comfortable transportation option, whether you board alone or take your children on a family stroll, the MRT is an essential new tool for Jakartans in facing the traffic storm of vehicles.

Currently consisting of 13 stations, each providing directions, Ticket Vending Machines, detailed information of stations, and helpful and friendly staff that are always ready to help when you have confusion, minimarkets, food stalls and ATM will also greet you at the entrance, just in case you’re hungry or have run out of cash. Aside from these facilities, each MRT station offers easy access for people with disabilities. There are elevators for people with wheelchairs, and digital service facilities to cater for people with special needs. Introduced last December, disabled passengers can utilize these latest technological features by using a video call service. Some stations also integrate with TransJakarta stations and malls, allowing you to make a stop or continue your journey to the nearest station by other means of transportation.

Being located in the city center, the MRT is surrounded by skyscrapers offering a new perspective from which to see the city and especially at night. Most weekday passengers are office workers who commute to and from their office or have lunch during their break where they can catch up with friends. On weekends, young families can been seen on their way to hang out in the malls or walk around the Senayan to Bundaran HI area during Car Free Days.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the MRT and its stations implement safety and health protocols where passengers are not allowed to talk in the trains and must wear a mask at all the times.

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